Why You Should Donate Your Old Car To Charity

Do you have a vehicle that is not being used? Perhaps you no longer need your car. There are many different ways to donate your car so why not do it the right way? Donating your vehicle could benefit not only yourself but the community as well. We can help you. Here are a couple of reasons why you should donate your car.

1. Help many people

What many people simply do not understand is that the old car sitting in their garage actually can cause a lot of stress. Always having to work around a big inanimate object like a car that never moves can be a real drag. Especially because cars that sit for long periods of time end up costing a lot of money to fix. If you do decide to donate, the charity will be able to make necessary repairs and at the same time sell the vehicle for a profit. Usually these types of sales help fund the local homeless groups or the batter woman’s shelter as well as local food banks. If you are interested in knowing who and how your car donation will help, we have the tools to point you to the right charity organization.

2. Avoid the hassle Why-to_donate-carof selling the car yourself

You will not need to pay for advertising the sale. Dealing with emails or calls can be exhausting. Not having the responsibility of showing the car to possible buyers at the same time haggle over the preferred price.

3. No charge for pick ups

Countless charities accept vehicles for donations and will even come to collect them. Sometimes the charge to tow it will even be free! However, there is a possibility that the organization will take away this cost from the value of your vehicle and that will eventually lower the deduction of tax. Certainly, if the price of towing is a significant percentage of the vehicle’s worth, you could also drive it all by yourself.

4. Lost title? Not a problem

Some organizations and charities will accept a car that has a lost title. Occasional they will simply be able to trade it for parts or scrap, lessening the value of the deductions. At least you will be able to get rid of it from your driveway. And in addition save the money it will cost to fix.


Donating your car will help many people. You also can never really know when you may need the services of a blood bank. The most common charity that benefits car donation is usually the local food banks. They are partly funded by some monetary donations as well as proceeds for donated items like cars.