Welcome to Gift My Ride

Gift My Ride is an informational resource for people who want to donate their cars. The process of donating a car can seem difficult, especially for a first time donor. There are dozens of car donation websites on the internet, many of which offer to have someone come to your house to personally pick up your car. But where is the money from your donation actually going? How do you know that the proceeds from your donation are going to benefit people in need?

What To Watch Out For

Companies pour millions of dollars into advertising to attract potential car donors, and although they make the process easy, the proceeds from your car donation don’t necessarily reach the people who need help the most. The business of car donations has boomed in recent years. In many cases, local charities accept car donations and put the money they earn back into your community. It’s not always easy to know which charities are available in your area.

We’re Here For You

We’re here to simplify the car donation process for you. Whether it’s for the tax benefits, to help a charity, to protect the environment, or for any other reason, you’ll feel good when you donate your car to the right charity. It’s an easy, meaningful way to help people in need.